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Superinsight offers a powerful search feature for different demands. Let's dive into this useful feature and get your work done more efficiently.

1. Search Cases

You can find the search bar at the top of the case contacts list. Type in the name of the contact you are looking for, and Superinsight will find him/her immediately.

If you have cases shared by your co-worker, you can quickly find the contact with the filter as well.

Search Cases

Filter Cases

2. Search Documents

In the Documents tab, you can also find the search bar. Type in the terms you're searching for, and then Superinsight will locate all the relevant information from thousands of your documents in seconds. Even precisely tell you which page of the documents.

Search Documents

3. Search Reports

You may build a report with dozens of documents and it will take lots of time to find all the relevant information in a report with thousands of pages. With the search function, we can pick all the key points in seconds for you.

Search Reports