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Manage File

1. Upload Files

Depending on the purpose, you can upload files that can help your legal claims to the folders you created after you click into the folder level.


Now we support zip file upload! You can compress multiple files as one zip file and upload them at once. The maximum file size is 10GB.

After files are uploaded, you will see them in the folder with a red color processing icon on right and the file can not be clicked on. Behind the scenes, Superinsight is processing all the contents in your files. Depending on how large your files are, this process can take a few minutes to hours.

Upload File To Folder

File In Progress

File In Progress

Once your file is ready, you will see the black label icon on right and now you can click on it and preview it in our viewer. Meanwhile, Superinsight will find you all the key points and insights from the file in real time.

Original File

Get Analysis

2. File Labeling

During the file processing, your files would be auto-labeled as well. Superinsight categorizes all your files by type; with the filter, you can find certain files more easily.

Besides auto-labeling, you can also add or remove labels from the files by demand.

Click on the black icon to manage labels on this file.

Manage Labels

You can assign existing labels to the files or create new labels by clicking + icon on left.

Create Labels

Click on the filter icon and choose what labels you want to show.

Filter Labels

3. Delete Files

If you need to delete files, click the file and get into file preview and you will see the "Delete File" button in the navigation on left. Click the button and confirm the deletion to remove the file.

Delete File

Confirm Delete